Solid Cosmetics

At Dolce Oliva, we create solid cosmetics with love and care, aiming to inspire you to make small changes in your daily routine that will have a big impact on the environment.

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Your solid daily care

Solid Soap Dolce Oliva

Body soap

Indulge in the luxurious lather and skin-nourishing properties of our Dolce Oliva Solid Body Soap. Made with the finest olive oil from Tuscany, it gently cleanses and hydrates your skin, leaving it feeling irresistibly soft and refreshed. Elevate your bathing experience with our solid soap.

Solid Shampoo Dolce Oliva


Indulge in the ultimate hair care experience with our solid shampoo. Crafted with the finest ingredients, our luxurious formula cleanses and nourishes your hair while promoting sustainability. Elevate your self-care routine and embrace the power of a greener choice with Dolce Oliva solid shampoo.

Solid Conditioner Dolce Oliva


Experience the transformative power of our solid conditioner. Infused with premium ingredients, it deeply hydrates and nourishes your hair, leaving it silky smooth and irresistibly soft. Embrace eco-conscious beauty and unlock the secret to luscious locks with Dolce Oliva solid conditioner.

Why Dolce Oliva


Premium Quality: Our solid cosmetics are carefully crafted to deliver a premium experience, providing effective results for your skin and hair care needs.


Sustainable Choice: Our solid products eliminate plastic packaging, reducing waste and promoting a cleaner environment.


Cruelty-Free: We value the well-being of animals, which is why our products are never tested on them, allowing you to enjoy them guilt-free.

Experience the Benefits

Experience the transformative benefits of Dolce Oliva. Our products nourish and revitalize your skin and hair, leaving you refreshed and ready for anything.





About Dolce Oliva

Dedicated to sustainability, we strive to reduce waste and promote a more natural way of living. We believe in the power of small changes and aim to inspire others to make conscious choices in their daily routines. By choosing Dolce Oliva, you are joining a community that shares our vision for a world with less waste and a more sustainable future.

Dolce Oliva Solid Daily Care Set. Solid Shampoo, Solid Conditioner, Solid Soap.

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